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inc Marketing is a full service marketing firm specializing in Urban Development, Aviation, Retail and Hospitality. We offer innovative marketing plans, integrated communication packages and interactive advertising campaigns that will surpass your competition and establish your company as a leader in the industry.
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inc MARKETING approaches business with a unique perspective that enables them to guide clients to industry leadership by supporting their corporate values with effective and consistent marketing concepts.

inc MARKETING helps companies reach their vision and goals by offering innovative marketing plans, creative advertising, impactful promotional events, and integrated communication campaigns that strengthen the company’s identity and brand.

The inc MARKETING team has over 35 years of combined experience in business development, marketing, sales, media and public relations, and promotional events. The team will establish you as the leader in your industry with their creativity, proven business expertise and the commitment to deliver the highest quality of service.

About Michelle Raines

Before founding inc MARKETING, Michelle Raines was the Marketing Director for AMLI Residential in the Atlanta, Chicago and Austin markets. As the Marketing Director, Michelle was responsible for creating and implementing all marketing plans, AMLI name branding, coordinating promotional events, as well as building corporate and community relationships. Michelle’s main focus was on increasing traffic and residential retention at new developments, acquisitions and troubled properties within the AMLI portfolio.

Prior to AMLI Residential, Michelle gained extensive operational and sales experience through various positions in the hospitality and aviation industries. Through these positions, she gained the knowledge and the skills to successfully generate community awareness and promote within strict budgets. Michelle’s experience in aviation as a Commercial Pilot provides her with an amazing insight and a different perspective in the industry. Michelle’s hospitality experience also gave her the ability to communicate with and satisfy even the most demanding clients.

Finally, Michelle is extremely involved in her local and business communities. She is a member of several different organizations and has several leadership positions. These organizations include: AMA – American Marketing Association, Austin Chapter Board Member, AAA – Austin Apartment Association, Education Committee, Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce, Chamber Ambassador, and The Ninety-Nines - International Organization of Women Pilots.


• Aircraft Sales Industry
• Fixed Base Operations
• Flight Schools
• Charter Operations

New products, ingenious services and innovative technologies
enter the marketplace on a daily basis – what are you doing to
stand out as a leader?

inc MARKETING has the solutions to increase your sales and keep
you ahead of your competition.

Taking your business to new altitudes!

Urban Development

• Residential and Commercial
• Mixed Use Development
• Multifamily

What are you doing to drive traffic to your property?
Who is your REAL competition and what do you need to know about them?

inc MARKETING will analyze your position in the market and discover how to increase traffic, prevent reductions in occupancy, increase conversion rate and, in turn, increase revenue.

inc MARKETING will give you the maximum return on your investment.


Identifying and understanding market segments and how they relate to your business is often an overlooked key to retail success.

Do you know the generational differences and how to market to them effectively?

inc MARKETING will deliver straightforward campaign plans and marketing strategies that will fit each of the segments’ unique needs. The team will also create buzz for you within your market, will show you how to leverage business development strategies, and will build a community with your customers and other local businesses in an effort to generate and increase sales.


• Research is an important tool in understanding your customers buying behaviors and motives.

• It helps create a highly personalized experience by gaining knowledge of your customer’s lifestyle, motives and interests.

• It is a vital part of making sure you send the right message to the right audience.

• Brand differentiation and message integration across all marketing channels with every customer interaction will strengthen your brand perception experience.

• Personalized messages will build confidence and company value in your customers.


Brand differentiation and message integration across all marketing channels with every customer interaction will strengthen your brand perception experience.

• Personalized messages will build confidence and company value in your customers.



• Showcasing your company’s expertise and developing your “story” is the most cost-effective ways to drive sales.

• Generate powerful results by creating Direct-to-consumer mail and full-blown media campaigns.


• For every action – there is a reaction

• Tracking and measuring your results, identifying your strongest lead generators and understanding the conversion rate between marketing and sales is imperative to success.