inc Marketing

inc MARKETING LLC was launched in 2006 as an innovative business development and marketing consulting company with offices in Austin, TX and Sarasota, FL. We have grown into a full design firm integrating all aspects of developing the business’s brand from the inside out. Our team is savvy talented strategists, designers, programmers and trainers. Implementing innovative marketing plans and creative communication strategies into corporate brands are just one of our specialties. We take solution finding and interactive social media campaigns to a whole new level. We want energize organizations, increase brand awareness, expand customer loyalty opportunities and generate sales benchmarks.

The founder of inc MARKETING, Michelle Raines has worked with multi-million dollar businesses launching new products and services, implementing aggressive marketing campaigns and integrating social media programs all around the country. Her expertise and strengths are in understanding customer profiles, engaging and connecting to specific target markets, expanding corporate brand presence and converting sales opportunities into sustainable revenue. As a business and marketing consultant and avid trainer, she believes every business, every employee and every client to feel inspired, special, connected and moved in some way. Designs, spaces, customer service all affect a person’s experience. We want to help create a remarkable experience for our clients and their customers.

Previously, Michelle was the Marketing Director and Regional Marketing Trainer for a billion dollar real estate investment firm, AMLI Residential. She was responsible for creating and implementing strategic marketing plans, developing community brand presence, executing advertising campaigns and coordinating promotional events on new lease ups and troubled properties in Atlanta, Chicago, Austin and Houston. Michelle is known for determining market trends, identifying and targeting demographics, strategic budget conscious marketing plans, building strong business partnerships and training. Her work with AMLI culminated with the four block mixed-use development in 2nd Street Retail District in Austin, TX.

Michelle has many passions in life; design, innovation and conscious living are only a few. She is also a commercial pilot and passionate activist for the aviation industry for over 21 years. She has been a guest speaker for Florida Trade Association for 3 years on Social Media and continues to find ways to give back.

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